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If you have trouble activating Ai Pin out of the box or unlocking Ai Pin to power off, we recommend resetting your Ai Pin. 

To reset Ai Pin

  1. Ensure that your Charge Pad is plugged into the wall outlet using the Cable and Adapter provided with your Ai Pin.
  2. Place your Ai Pin and Battery Booster into the Charge Pad. Depending on Ai Pin's battery charge, a green or amber light will appear on the top of the charge pad to confirm the connection.
  3. Insert a paperclip or SIM ejector tool into the small hole next to your Charge Pad's USB plug, and push in.
    CP1 reset pin.jpg
  4. Continue pressing in until you see the light on your Charge Pad turn red. As soon as it turns red, you may let go.
  5. Leave your Ai Pin alone on its Charge Pad. After 15-20 seconds, its Trust Light will display a cycle of rainbow colors.
  6. At the end of this rainbow cycle, you may see three brief white lights, and you may hear Ai Pin make a faint sound.

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