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Ground Control Beta

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This is a beta feature, which means it's still in the early stages of development and will continue to improve over time.

Vision uses Ai Pin's camera to scan and analyze objects and scenes in front of you, all in real-time. 

Use Vision

  1. Press and hold one finger on the touchpad. You will see the Trust Light flashing orange and hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is listening. 
  2. Say "Look," followed by your specific request. 
  3. Release your finger from the touchpad. The Trust Light will stop flashing and you will hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is no longer listening. 
  4. The Trust Light flashes white while the image is being captured. 
  5. Once the image is captured, listen to Ai Mic's response. 


  • “Look at this book and tell me what it’s about.”
  • “Look at my fridge and give me some ideas for what I should cook tonight.”

Ideas on how to use Vision

  • Education: Identify landmarks, plants, and scientific specimens for learning.
  • Shopping: Compare prices and find products online by scanning what you find in store.
  • Travel: Recognize signs, landmarks, and local businesses for easier navigation.
  • Accessibility: Help visually impaired individuals understand their surroundings.
  • Home Improvement: Find furniture or decor ideas and learn where to purchase.
  • Cooking: Identify ingredients and find relevant recipes.
  • Nature: Identify flora and fauna spotted in nature.
  • Art Exploration: Access information on art and artifacts you discover in museums or galleries.
  • Automotive Maintenance: Identify car parts and get maintenance advice.
  • Fashion: Identify clothing or accessories.
  • Language Learning: Instantly translate text in images to aid language comprehension.

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