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Ai Mic allows you to make calls, send messages, listen to music, make lists, capture images, and more. You can also ask Ai Mic just about anything:

  • Find information about topics, such as history, science, sports, movies, and more.
  • Get caught up on the latest news.
  • Ask for advice on restaurants, recipes, and travel destinations.
  • Ask to refer back to any conversations you’ve had through messaging. 
  • Ask to refer back to any lists or notes you’ve saved. 
  • Adjust Ai Pin settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. 

Plus, since Ai Pin understands the context of your question, you can ask follow-up questions. If you misspoke, you can correct or clarify your question. 

Use Ai Mic

  1. Press and hold one finger on the touchpad. You will see the Trust Light flashing orange and hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is listening. 
  2. Ask Ai Mic whatever you would like. 
  3. Release your finger from the touchpad. The Trust Light will stop flashing and you will hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is no longer listening. 
  4. Listen to Ai Mic’s response. To silence the response, lift your hand to read the response over the Laser Ink Display; or, tap once on the touchpad to silence mid-answer . 

Ai Mic examples

What should I cook for Thanksgiving?

What’s an easy recipe for stuffing?
What are the ingredients for the one from Bon Appétit?
How long does it take to cook?

How many species of penguins are there?

Where do they live?
Do any live north of the equator?
What about Las Vegas?
I meant, what about Seattle?

What are the four best restaurants in San Francisco?

Which is cheapest? Which is closest to the Mission?
Is there a parking garage nearby?

What was the name of that TV show Eric texted me about?

Where is it streaming?
How long has the show been running?


Ai Pin does not respond to any Ai Mic requests.

If you hear a different chime you press and hold your finger on the touchpad, this means your Ai Pin is not connected to an LTE or Wi-Fi network. If this happens, try these steps, in the following order:

  1. Enable Airplane Mode and disable it again to reestablish a connection.
  2. If you are on Wi-Fi, disconnect from Wi-Fi and try using your cellular connection alone. (If you’re on cellular connection alone, try connecting to Wi-Fi.)
  3. Restart your Pin.

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