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If you’re traveling outside the US and would like to take your Ai Pin with you, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your experience:

Plan ahead

Purchase your International Roaming Add-On ahead of time so you can utilize your Ai Pin as soon as you land, regardless of Wi-Fi connection. See Humane Subscription for more details.

Speak the local language

By using Ai Pin’s built-in translation function, you can overcome language barriers in dozens of countries. See Set translated language.

Stay synced 

Place Ai Pin on your Charge Pad every night to ensure your photos and memories from the day are uploaded to Humane.Center. See View and manage photos & videos.

Bring backup

Keep your spare Battery Booster in your Charge Case, and bring it with you each day to ensure you have enough power to capture your memories and use translation.

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