Setting up Ai Pin

What's included in the box:  Ai Pin, 2 Battery Boosters, Charge Case, Charge Pad, Adapter + Cable


Put on Ai Pin + Battery Booster

Slide the Booster down to detach it from your Pin.

  1. Slip your Booster under your clothing and place your Pin in front until the two magnetically connect. It’s best to wear your Pin close to your collarbone, on the right or left side of your chest.
  2. The Trust Light displays rainbow colors to indicate your Pin is starting up.
  3. When the rainbow Trust Light stops, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Learn hand gestures

Tap the touchpad and hold your hand 12 inches in front of you.

Ai Pin will begin scanning for your hand to project the Laser Ink Display. Once successful, you will see the Ai Pin logo projected on your hand.

Follow the voice narration and Laser Ink cues to complete the hand gesture tutorial.

Having trouble with Laser Ink projecting on your hand?
  • The white scanning Trust Light means your Pin is scanning for your hand. If you see the Trust Light scanning and still don’t see Laser Ink, try moving your hand up or down to find the projection spot. 
  • Alternatively, cover your Pin with your hand, then gradually move your hand away from your chest until you see the Laser Ink Display.
  • Try spreading your fingers apart while your Pin is scanning to help it detect your hand.

Enter passcode

Use the passcode you created during online setup.

  1. Use the push + pull gesture to scroll through the stack of numbers 0-9.
  2. When you land on the correct number, use your index finger and thumb to pick the number.
  3. Repeat the process until you have entered all 4 digits of your passcode.

If you select an incorrect number, you can delete it by scrolling to the end of the stack and picking the backspace button. Alternatively, you can drop and raise your hand to restart passcode entry.

Explore Ai Mic

Close and open your hand to go home to complete the tutorial. Drop your hand. 

Use Ai Mic to ask general knowledge questions, take a photo or video, send a message and much more. To use Ai Mic:

  1. Press and hold one finger on the touchpad. When you see the Trust Light flashing orange and hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is listening, ask your question. 
  2. Release your finger from the touchpad. The Trust Light stops flashing and you hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is no longer listening. 
  3. Listen to Ai Mic’s response.


Need further assistance?

Ask your Pin for help! Use Ai Mic to ask any question you have about your Pin, Battery Booster, Humane.Center, or any other related topics. 

Or use the search bar at the top of any Ground Control page to ask any product question. 

Still need help? Our Support team would be happy to help.