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You can sync Ai Pin contacts with a Google, Apple, or Microsoft account via Humane.Center. 

Import contacts

  1. Log in to your Humane Account.
  2. Select your profile  in the bottom right.
  3. Select “Services.” 
  4. Select the desired service. 
  5. Log into that service's account.
  6. Once successfully logged in, you will be redirected to .Center. 
  7. If the linking was successful, you should see a green check mark and the service listed under “Linked services.”

Importing Apple contacts

The process for importing contacts from your Apple account is slightly different from other services. Follow the steps below to link your Apple account:

  1. From .Center, select “Services.” 
  2. Select Apple.
  3. Sign into
  4. In the Sign-In and Security section, select App-Specific Passwords.
  5. Select Generate an app-specific password or select the Add button. More about app-specific passwords.
  6. Follow the steps on your screen to generate the password.
  7. Go back to .Center > Services to enter your Apple email address and app-specific password (shown below).
    Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.03.46 PM.png

Note The Apple app-specific password is different from your iCloud password. If you enter your iCloud password, you will see the error "Failed to link your Apple account. Please check your credentials and try again."



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