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Create Notes

You can use notes to record simple preferences or your memories, such as traits or descriptions of people, events, or circumstances. Just say “Remember” followed by whatever you want to note. 

Some examples:
“Remember that Pat likes sushi.”
“Remember that my living room gets indirect sunlight.”
“Remember I parked my car in space A27.”
“Remember that Rize Up has the best bread in San Francisco.”
“Remember I need to replace the tail light on my car.”
“Remember Kai’s birthday is January 2.”

NoteKeep in mind that notes are not reminders. Ai Pin does not set a reminder for dates or events. For example, when January 2 approaches, Ai Pin will not automatically tell you about Kai’s birthday.

Search in Notes

By default, Ai Mic will try to determine what set of information sources (e.g. notes, lists, general knowledge available on the internet) will best answer your question. If you want to ask for information saved in your notes, say something like “Check my notes for…” or “Can you search memories for …”. 

Some examples:
“Can you search memories for what Pat likes?”
“Check my notes for the sunlight in my living room.”
“Check my notes for where I parked the car?”
“Check my memories for where I get the best bread in San Francisco?” “Check my notes for what I’m supposed to do on my car?”
“Can you search memories for the date of Kai’s birthday?”

If you make more than one note about something, Ai Pin will retrieve all relevant information. 

For example:
“Can you check my notes for things about my car?”
Ai Pin: “You parked in space A27 and you need to replace the tail light.”

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