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You can make a note of anything, including shopping items, books to read, and whatever else you want your Ai Pin to remember for you. 

The examples below are not exhaustive. Experiment with your wording to find what comes most naturally to you and what works with your Pin.

Action Ai Mic request Examples
Create a list “Create” + list name 

“Create a grocery list.”

“Create a guest list.”

“Create a bird watching list.”

Add item(s) to a list “Add” + item(s)

“Add soy milk, kale, and almonds to my grocery list.”

“Add Taylor and David to my guest list.”

Try creating and adding items to a list at the same time:

“Create a bird watching list and add California Towhee and Acorn Woodpecker.”

Create or add to a list from a previous Ai Mic query See examples

“Create a grocery list for apple pie.”

“Add that hairdryer I asked about to my shopping list.”

Recall a list “What/Who is on my” + list name

“What’s on my grocery list?”

“Who is on my party list?”

Remove item(s) from a list “Remove” + item(s) “Remove soy milk from my grocery list.”
Delete a list “Delete” or “Clear” + list name

“Delete my to do list.”

Try deleting a list and adding items to a new list at the same time:

“Clear my shopping list and start a new one. Add bananas and peanut butter.”

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