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  • When composing a message, you can tell Ai Mic to “Tell,” “Ask,” “Let [contact] know,” and most other verbs related to communicating with a contact. For example: 
    • “Tell [contact] that I’ll be 5 minutes late.”
    • “Let [contact] know to meet me on Hollywood and Vine.”
    • “Ask [contact] if they have food allergies.”
    • “Send a message to [contact] that I’ll be home soon.”
  • You can send a group message by simply listing the recipients you'd like to send a message to. For example, "Ask Joni and Chris if they'd like to meet for coffee tomorrow."
  • You can edit a message before sending if you change your mind about the recipient, contents, tone – and more! – of your message. 


I can't view the photo or video sent to me in a message.  

Ai Pin does not currently support sending MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages. If someone sends you an MMS message, the incoming message will read “You received a multimedia message.”

I can't visit the link sent to me in a message. 

If you receive a message with a URL in it, you can see the URL text, but will need to use a device with a web browser to view the contents of the URL.

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