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Ai Pin turns your hand into a display for menus, experiences, and more. You can use simple gestures to make choices and initiate actions. You can also view previews of image captures, read messages, and review messages before sending them.

Using Laser Ink

  1. Tap the touchpad to activate Laser Ink.
  2. Open your hand. Try positioning your hand 8-12 inches from your Pin and slightly lower from where you’d anticipate the laser to appear. You may need to move your hand up and down to find the right projection spot. You should see the Trust Light flashing white to indicate your Ai Pin is scanning for your hand.
    h4-placement-laser (1).svg
  3. Once detected, the Laser Ink Display will project on your hand.
  4. Once you're done using the Laser Ink Display, lower your hand and the display will turn off. 

To explore what you can do with Laser Ink, see Navigating Laser Ink home & menu

Note You may intermittently see a blinking dot on the right side of the Laser Ink Display. This dot is a way for your Ai Pin to maintain consistent functionality of the Laser Ink interface. If you have difficulty getting the Laser Ink Display to track consistently, clean the sensor glass.

Laser Ink not displaying on hand

If you're not seeing the Laser Ink Display on your hand right away, try the following steps:

  • Make sure to tap once on the touchpad, then open your hand to turn on the laser.
  • The white scanning Trust Light means your Pin is scanning for your hand. If you see the Trust Light scanning and still don’t see Laser Ink, try moving your hand up or down to find the projection spot. 
  • Alternatively, cover your Pin with your hand, then gradually move your hand away from your chest until you see the Laser Ink Display.
  • Try spreading your fingers apart while your Pin is scanning to help it detect your hand.
  • Is Trust Lock on? Press on the touchpad for a few seconds to unlock Trust Lock and try again. 


There are four gestures for interacting with the Laser Ink Display:

Close thumb and index finger to pick gesture-pinch-click-animated.gif
Tilt & roll to navigate from one item to another gesture-tilt-and-roll-animated (2).gif
Push + pull to navigate from home to menu gesture-push-pull-animated.gif
Close hand to return to previous display and/or home gesture-closed-fist (1).svg


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