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When someone calls while you’re already on a call, Laser Ink will show the name of the caller (if known) or the phone number. You will also see your Beacon light flash magenta. 

You’ll have the option to:

  • Ignore the call by picking .
  • End the call you’re on and accept the incoming call by picking .
  • Put the current call on hold by picking pause .

If you the place the current call on hold, you’ll have the option to:

  • Accept the call.
  • Send the incoming caller a message by using the push + pull gesture to access the menu. Pick "message." To resume the current call, pick .
  • Merge both calls into a single call by picking . 

If you accept the call, you can swap between calls by picking switch .

Mute or unmute while on a call

To mute or unmute while on a call, open your hand to the Laser Ink Display and pick  to mute or  to unmute. 

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