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The Charge Case is useful for charging and storing your Ai Pin and Battery Booster on the go. 

You can charge your Booster alone in the Charge Case, or charge your Booster and Pin together. 

The light will briefly appear when you lift the lid or put a device inside, indicating the charge of the devices inside or the Charge Case itself (if there is no device charging inside it). 

To charge the Charge Case

    1. Place the Charge Case on a level surface. 
    2. Connect the USB-C Cable to the Charge Case and the Adapter.
    3. Plug the Adapter into a wall outlet.

If the Charge Case is empty, you can check the charge state of the Charge Case by opening the lid. 

  • Green: Charge > 80% (Ready to use)
  • Amber: Charge < 80%

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