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Your Ai Pin locks after any of the following:

  • Detaching it from the Battery Booster, Latch, or Clip
  • Starting up due to a software update
  • Resetting on the Charge Pad
  • Powering on from a powered-off or completely dead device

In addition to the above, if you would like your Pin to also unlock after a period of inactivity, see Manage passcode settings.

When Ai Pin is locked

When Ai Pin starts up after having been powered off, all activity is blocked until you enter the passcode. However, when your Pin is locked because of a period of inactivity or detaching it from the Booster, Latch, or Clip, you’re still able to:

  • Accept or end a call
  • Issue voice requests that don’t require access to personal data 
  • Receive service notifications
  • Receive notifications from Trusted Contacts
  • Take a photo
  • Translate between languages
  • Disable Trust Lock
  • Adjust the volume
  • Pause or skip music forward/backward that is already playing

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