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Enable airplane mode to turn off the cellular capabilities of your Ai Pin while flying. If your airline permits it, you may enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while in airplane mode.  

Using voice

  1. Press and hold one finger on the touchpad. You will see the Trust Light flashing orange and hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is listening. 
  2. Say “Turn airplane mode on” or “Turn airplane mode off.”
  3. Release finger from the touchpad. The Trust Light will stop flashing and you’ll hear a chime indicating Ai Mic is no longer listening.
  4. Ai Pin will respond, "Airplane mode on," or "Airplane mode off."

Using Laser Ink

  1. Tap the touchpad with one finger to indicate you’d like to activate Laser Ink.
  2. Open your hand. You should see the Trust Light flashing white to indicate your Ai Pin is scanning for your hand.
  3. Once detected, the Laser Ink Display will project on your hand.
  4. Push out your hand a few more inches until you see the menu.
  5. Pick settings .  
  6. Scroll to “airplane mode” and pick it to toggle on  or off .
  7. To turn on, confirm your selection by picking "turn on ."

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