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Before pairing a Bluetooth device with your Ai Pin, make sure your Ai Pin’s Bluetooth is turned on .

  1. Tap the touchpad with one finger to indicate you’d like to activate Laser Ink.
  2. Open your hand. You should see the Trust Light flashing white to indicate your Ai Pin is scanning for your hand.
  3. Once detected, the Laser Ink Display will project on your hand.
  4. Push out your hand a few more inches until you see the menu.
  5. Pick settings .  
  6. Pick “bluetooth” and make sure it’s on . You’ll see a prompt asking you to select a device to pair.
  7. Select the device.
  8. Once the device pairs, you’ll see a message that the device is paired.

Note Ai Pin scans for Bluetooth devices for 10 seconds. If your device is not in pairing mode, Bluetooth might time out. In this case, you’ll need to go back to settings  and pick “Bluetooth” or toggle Bluetooth off  and on . This will cause Ai Pin to start scanning again.

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