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Ground Control Beta

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Trust Lock helps you to protect and respect those around you by allowing you to control when your Ai Pin camera and microphone are on. 

When you turn on Trust Lock, Ai Pin disables the Time-of-Flight camera, Ai Mic, and Laser Ink Display. Touchpad functions will be mostly disabled, with the exception of long-pressing to disable Trust Lock.

To enable Trust Lock

  1. Tap the touchpad with one finger to indicate you’d like to activate Laser Ink.
  2. Open your hand. You should see the Trust Light flashing white to indicate your Ai Pin is scanning for your hand.
  3. Once detected, the Laser Ink Display will project on your hand. 
  4. Push out your hand a few more inches until you see the menu.
  5. Pick settings .
  6. Pick “trust lock.”
  7. Select “turn on.”

Note that if you enable Trust Lock while listening to music, you can’t pause music until you disable it.

To disable Trust Lock

Press one finger on the touchpad for a few seconds. You can raise your finger when a sound chimes, indicating Trust Lock has been disabled successfully.

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