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When charging, use the Cable and Adapter provided with your Pin.

Ai Pin has a built-in battery and also comes with a standalone battery, the Battery Booster. When Ai Pin and Battery Booster are connected, the Battery Booster charges Ai Pin’s built-in battery to increase the amount of time you can use it. 

Your Pin also comes with two charging devices, the Charge Pad and the Charge Case. You can either charge your Booster on its own, or together with your Pin. (Ai Pin cannot be charged by itself on the Charge Pad or Case.)

Using the Charge Pad

  1. Place the Charge Pad on a flat surface and close enough to a wall outlet so that you can easily plug in the Adapter.
  2. Connect the USB-C Cable to the Charge Pad and the Adapter.
  3. Plug the Adapter into a wall outlet. 
  4. Connect your Ai Pin + Booster together and place them on the Charge Pad. You’ll hear a chime when the pair begins to charge.

Using the Charge Case

  1. Open the Charge Case lid. If the light is amber, we recommend waiting until it turns green before using the Charge Case. See “To charge the Charge Case.”
  2. Place Ai Pin + Booster in the Charge Case.

Using a Shield? Remove it so you can fit your Pin + Booster in the Charge Case.

Tips & solutions

If the Charge Pad light blinks red

In most cases, the blinking red light indicates there is moisture or dirt on the contacts of your Ai Pin or Battery Booster. This is usually resolved by cleaning your Ai Pin and Battery Booster and unplugging and replugging the Charge Pad. 

  1. Remove Ai Pin and Battery Booster from the Charge Pad. 
  2. Clean your Ai Pin and Battery Booster.
  3. Clean the contacts on the Charge Pad. (The contacts are the two metal pins that charge your Battery Booster while it sits on the Charge Pad).
  4. Disconnect the Charge Pad.
  5. Reconnect the Charge Pad. 
  6. If the Charge Pad light still blinks red, contact Humane Support

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