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One-finger gestures

Action Gesture
Enable laser Single tap
Ai Mic input

Tap + hold

Set translated language Tap + hold while asking "Set language to [desired language]."
Answer or end phone call

Double tap during incoming call

Silence a phone call

Single tap during incoming call

Start or stop music Double tap
Catch me up Triple tap
Previous or next track Swipe left or right
Turn volume up or down Drag up or down


Two-finger gestures

Action Gesture
Take a photo Double tap
Take a video Double tap + hold
Translate Tap + hold while speaking to translate from/to your set language to/from English. 


Tips & solutions

Ai Pin does not respond to a tap or double tap.

  • Press harder. You may need a bit firmer touch than used for other touch devices. 
  • Press longer and see if the amber Trust Light turns on (to indicate mic is on). Lift finger to see if Trust Light turns off. 
  • Check to make sure Ai Pin is secure. If it is attached to loose clothing (such as a pocket), your tap might be moving your Ai Pin in such a way the tap is not registered.

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