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After unlocking your Ai Pin, you see Ai Pin home. This is where you can:


callout-1.svg Use Nearby to find attractions, restaurants, or points of interest near you.

callout-2.svg Check the time. Use the "pick" gesture to cycle between the time, date, and weather.

callout-3.svg See any relevant notifications, like missed calls or messages from Trusted Contacts.


From home, use the push + pull gesture to see the home menu. 


The home menu shows:

callout-1.svg Connectivity status (LTE or Wi-Fi)

callout-2.svg Settings

callout-3.svg Take photo or video

callout-4.svg Music

callout-5.svg Messages

callout-6.svg Phone

callout-7.svg Battery power level


Once you see the Home menu, tilt and roll your hand until you’ve selected the desired button. Once selected, pick your thumb and finger together. 

gesture-tilt-and-roll-animated (2).gif

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