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Trust Light

The Trust Light indicates when your Ai Pin input, optical, or audio sensors are active. The color of the light shows which sensor is active. The light lets you and others around you know when Ai Pin is capturing or recording data. Ai Pin doesn’t have any “wake words” and is not always listening. Those around you don’t need to worry about their privacy. No data is collected unless the Trust Light is on.

Color Description


Powering on

Cycles through rainbow spectrum as Ai Pin is starting up


Photo or video

Blinks green right before and during photo or video capture



Fades in and out orange while Ai Mic is active



Fades in and out white while scanning for hand to project Laser Ink Display


Phone call

Blinks magenta during outbound or ongoing call


The Beacon is positioned so that you can easily see it. It indicates either a message from a Trusted Contact or an alert. 

Color Description


Trusted Contact call

Blinks magenta for incoming call from Trusted Contact


Trusted Contact message

Pulses blue for update on conversation from Trusted Contact


Area alert

Quickly pulses red for AMBER alert, weather warnings, etc.


Booster powering up

Cycles through rainbow spectrum to indicate Ai Pin needs additional charging until it’s ready for use


Thermal alert

Cycles through orange gradient to indicate Ai Pin needs to cool down until it’s ready for use again

Tips & solutions

The Beacon pulses orange and you hear the message "Your Ai Pin is getting warm, let's cool it down for a few minutes"

This means your Pin is getting warm and needs to cool down. If you encounter this behavior, complete the following steps:

  1. Remove the battery from your Ai Pin.
  2. Avoid using your device for several minutes. Keep it off the Charge Pad and out of a Charge Case. Consider moving away from any heat sources or direct sunlight.
  3. Once your device has cooled, raise your hand, or begin using voice commands.
  4. If your device is still encountering a thermal error, continue to let your device rest.

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